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In the last months, I started increasingly using Rmd documents for preparing scientific reports, blog posts, etcetera. While I really like the flexibility offered by the system, one thing that I thought could be improved is the support for easily inserting tables. So, “inspired” also by the recent addition of the excellent insert image addin in blogdown, I decided to give it a go and try to implement some kind of addin to facilitate table insertion in Rmd documents.


The problem I am in the process of migrating my (rather ugly) small blog from “Bloggers” to blogdown and, as several others, I choose to use the hugo-academic theme due to its good looks, simplicity, and “focus” towards researchers. One nice feature of hugo-academic is that it includes out-of-the-box a “Publications” section, allowing researchers to easily create a list of their publication as a section of the website. Unfortunately, in order to populate that list, users have to manually create one different .


Selected Publications

(2017). Downstream Services for Rice Crop Monitoring in Europe: From Regional to Local Scale. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, (10), 12, pp. 5423-5441,

(2017). PhenoRice: A method for automatic extraction of spatio-temporal information on rice crops using satellite data time series. Remote Sensing of Environment, (194), pp. 347-365,

Recent Publications

More Publications

. Early season weed mapping in rice crops using multi-spectral UAV data. International Journal of Remote Sensing, pp. 1-21,, 2018.

. Spatial rice yield estimation based on MODIS and Sentinel-1 SAR data and ORYZA crop growth model. Remote Sensing, (10), 2,, 2018.

. A weekly indicator of surface moisture status from satellite data for operational monitoring of crop conditions. Sensors (Switzerland), (17), 6,, 2017.

. Conceptual architecture and service-oriented implementation of a regional geoportal for rice monitoring. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, (6), 7,, 2017.



An R package for automatic download and preprocessing of MODIS Land Products Time Series


sprawl - Spatial Processing (in) R: Amorphous Wrappers Library